Value Creation
Skyview has established a very strong foundation, with a team of seasoned in-house professionals that share a common entrepreneurial DNA.


Our combined practical enterprise experience spans well over 100 years in each major corporate discipline including but not limited to:

  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Facilitates Management
  • Legal and Regulatory

It is this operational capability, combined with our strategic and financial buying expertise that allows us to create sustainable growth across a variety of market scenarios. Because we can handle all operational functions internally, we have the ability to “parachute in” a complete team ready to make an impact on day one. This uncommon ability makes us particularly adept at handling corporate divestitures where ongoing operational continuity remains a central concern.

Regardless of the scope of our in-house team’s involvement, Skyview brings its entrepreneurial focus and operational commitment to foster growth, profitability and value. Once we have successfully acquired a business, we first look to reinvigorate the its management team. We empower management to run the day-to-day operations of their business through our proven strategy of our vertically integrated accounting, legal and finance teams.

Our leadership in operations and corporate finance gives us the ability to rapidly assess newly acquired portfolio companies, and to set forth strategic themes that we aggressively seek to implement. We manage each wholly owned business autonomously and independently, and we foster an entrepreneurial culture that emphasizes planning, execution, calculated risk and achievement. Skyview’s operations team works closely with managers to swiftly realign focus, catalyze growth, and enhance the success of each company we acquire.

When appropriate, members of our Corporate Strategy Group take on management roles at the portfolio company level. Following execution of the initial operating plan, the Skyview team continues to assist its companies by providing key strategic, financial and personnel advice through active, ongoing dialogue with the management of its portfolio companies.

Across our businesses, we maintain the resolute belief that employees are the most valuable assets of any operation. Accordingly, we address employee compensation and benefit levels to bolster employee moral and retention.



At Skyview, we pride ourselves on a few key strengths that differentiate us from others in the industry. These include:

  • Expedient analysis and opportunity assessment
  • Proven ability to close transactions in a matter of days as opposed to months
  • Flexible and mutually beneficial deal structures
  • Proven ability to undertake difficult or challenging acquisitions including distressed or turnaround situations
  • Adherence to deadlines and other transaction parameters
  • Certainty of closure with minimal or zero financing contingencies
  • Freedom with accountability
  • Operating professionals able to work with existing management or to fill-in critical voids as needed
  • Maintenance of significant in-house infrastructure, including legal, HR, finance, sales, marketing, and IT
  • Professional and respectful treatment of all employees of the acquired business
  • Focus and ability to execute

We invest in companies with potential to grow through acquisition and internal improvement.

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