Investment Criteria
In cultivating our portfolio, we search for opportunities to strengthen our presence in an existing sector or to enter new markets with significant promise and dynamic growth potential. Skyview's acquisition criteria may exhibit some or all of the following characteristics:


  • Geographically located in North America, South America, and/or Europe
  • Growth companies generating revenues ranging between $5 million to $200 million;
  • Restructuring opportunities and corporate divestitures generating revenues between $20 million to $2 Billion
  • Corporate sellers with a need to transact with a thoughtful partner sensitive to ongoing mutual customers and long-term commercial relationships
  • Companies with an established blue-chip customer base, whose clients depend on their products and services to efficiently run their day-to-day operations
  • Acquisition of divisions, assets, or subsidiaries of Fortune 1000 corporations the no longer fit into the overall business strategy
  • Opportunities with potential for consolidation through future acquisitions
  • Financially and/or operationally challenged businesses
  • Opportunities that may be sensitive, or time critical
  • Companies that may exhibit deteriorating employee and or customer relationships
  • Companies in change-intensive industries and/or companies in transition
  • Companies generating recurring revenues predicated upon long-term contracts
  • Businesses with mature and established brands
  • Transactions allowing Skyview a full or majority ownership stake.
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