Our team consists of top-tier leaders and private equity professionals. We pride ourselves in our ability to act quickly, our efficiency and commitment to follow-through. Each member brings a unique skill set to our firm and is essential to our overall success.
Shrikar Kasturi / Senior Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions

Shrikar Kasturi directs mergers and acquisitions and drives growth strategies for Skyview Capital portfolio companies.

Mr. Kasturi has more than 20 years of experience in the technology and services industries. Prior to joining Skyview, he held management positions in numerous technology and service companies and successfully led their business development and growth initiatives. His past experience includes leadership roles at JDSU, TCS, Nokia Siemens Networks and Nortel Networks where he worked across M&A, business development and marketing capacities. His responsibilities included building strategic relationships with customers and ecosystem partners, identifying inorganic growth opportunities / potential M&A candidates and spearheading other aspects of the transaction including due diligence, valuations, structuring and negotiating. At Nokia Siemens, Mr. Kasturi was part of the M&A team involved in the acquisition of Motorola Networks and orchestrated several divestitures of non-strategic assets. During his tenure with Nortel, Mr. Kasturi served in the wireless business unit and led a variety of assignments primarily driving revenue growth and negotiating contracts with customers and partners. He has successfully led teams for market development across Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America, where he delivered breakthrough market share growth of over $1 billion in new sales.

Mr. Kasturi has an MBA and M.S. in Information Systems from University of Texas at Dallas. He also holds a Master’s degree in Social Sciences and a B.S. degree in Mathematics from M.S. University in India.

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