Our team consists of top-tier leaders and private equity professionals. We pride ourselves in our ability to act quickly, our efficiency and commitment to follow-through. Each member brings a unique skill set to our firm and is essential to our overall success.
Rod Stoddard / Senior Vice President, Portfolio Operations

Rod Stoddard is a lead executive involved in analyzing prospective investment opportunities, overseeing the management teams of current investments, and monitoring overall strategy and operational performance of the company’s private equity portfolio companies.

Stoddard brings over two decades of operating knowledge and industry expertise to his position with Skyview Capital, including leadership positions in the technology and internet sectors, publicly traded companies, and venture capital and private equity companies.  Prior to joining Skyview Capital, Stoddard served as President of three noted companies including GoDaddy’s premium hosting subsidiary, Media Temple; information services leader, Martindale-Hubbell; and leading e-commerce platform, US Search.com.

Stoddard’s track record is distinguished by a number of high-profile company growth expansions and select turnarounds. As President of Media Temple, Stoddard reversed a 3-year declining trend while launching an entirely new cloud solution that experienced 100% year over year growth under his leadership.  During his tenure as President of Martindale-Hubbell, he re-engineered the company, increased its projected profitability by 4x and created the largest legal network online.  As President of US Search.com, Stoddard led the business to emerge among the top 10 most popular e-commerce companies in the country.  Stoddard also served as Vice President of Product and Business Development for Internet Brands which operates a number of e-commerce sites in vertical markets and ran his own company, Blue Water Ventures, where he built a multimillion dollar business.

Stoddard earned his MBA from The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and BA from UC Santa Barbara.  He resides with his wife, Leila, and three children in Manhattan Beach.

Alex Soltani

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Darryl Smith

President, Global Portfolio Operations

Darren Loos

Senior VP of Finance, Global Controller

Jim Hall

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Jeffrey White

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Shrikar Kasturi

Senior Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions

Jared Cohen

Senior Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions

Dean Estrada

Senior Vice President, Capital Markets

Rick Bigelow

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Operations

Manel Sweetmore

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Operations

Matt Thompson

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Operations

Ross Ely

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Operations

Angie Batterson

Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources

Jeffrey Luft

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Operations Finance

Krishna Viswanadham

Vice President, Technology

Baudelio Bueno

Vice President, Business Development

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