Our team consists of top-tier leaders and private equity professionals. We pride ourselves in our ability to act quickly, our efficiency and commitment to follow-through. Each member brings a unique skill set to our firm and is essential to our overall success.
Dean Estrada / Managing Director, Capital Markets

Dean Estrada brings over 25 years of experience in Finance and Operations.  His primary emphasis has been the financial structuring of Global and Domestic Acquisitions. He has taken a lead financing role in Asset Acquisitions, Stock Acquisitions, Mergers, DIP Financings, Carve-Outs, and Leveraged Transactions. His diverse background within Private Equity (portfolio operations, strategic planning, sourcing, and due diligence) allows him to analyze and structure appropriate financial structures for acquisitions and ongoing operating capital. He has also held Corporate responsibility for accounting, treasury, cash management, operational banking, investment management, and various HR functions.

Mr. Estrada’s most recent role was at Genos Capital is Salt Lake City, UT where he was COO/CFO of a mid-size family office and led the company growth from 3 portfolio companies to 8 over 4 years. He was responsible for all aspects of acquisitions including structured finance and establishing the operating platform for the portfolio companies.  He also held roles as an SVP for an opportunistic PE firm in Orange County, Clarey Capital, and worked as an SVP of Los Angeles Investment Banking firm PGP Capital Advisors.  Mr. Estrada has the distinction of having worked with two of the largest privately held firms in Los Angeles as VP – Corporate Finance with Platinum Equity and VP – Treasurer for Castle & Cooke, Inc.   He held lead roles in the M&A Finance group with Platinum and was responsible for structuring the financing of European and US based acquisitions.  He assisted in establishing a stable of strong banking and finance relationships for Platinum in Europe and the U.S.  As Treasurer for Castle & Cooke, Mr. Estrada was responsible for all finance arrangements for acquisitions and any capital needs of the existing portfolio companies. He was a key advisor to Castle CEO – David Murdock, on strategy and finance.  Mr. Estrada has also worked with Foothill Capital and Equifax, where he specialized in areas of capital markets, treasury, cash management, investment management, and corporate liquidity.

Mr. Estrada has lived and worked in different parts of the U.S. and Europe. He has been a guest and panel speaker for various conferences with a focus on M&A Finance and Treasury Operations. He has received his BA in Economics from UC Irvine and has attained lifetime status as a Certified Cash Manager.

Alex Soltani

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Darryl Smith

President, Global Portfolio Operations

Darren Loos

Senior VP of Finance, Global Controller

Jim Hall

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Jeffrey White

Managing Director, Business Development

Shrikar Kasturi

Managing Director, Mergers & Acquisitions

Jared Cohen

Managing Director, Mergers & Acquisitions

Naeem Arastu

Managing Director, Mergers & Acquisitions

Rick Bigelow

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Operations

Manel Sweetmore

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Operations

Matt Thompson

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Operations

Ross Ely

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Operations

Angela Elder

Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources

Jeffrey Luft

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Operations Finance

Krishna Viswanadham

Vice President, Technology

Baudelio Bueno

Vice President, Business Development

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