Our team consists of top-tier leaders and private equity professionals. We pride ourselves in our ability to act quickly, our efficiency and commitment to follow-through. Each member brings a unique skill set to our firm and is essential to our overall success.
Baudelio Bueno / Vice President, Business Development

Baudelio Bueno is responsible for deal origination and qualification, maintaining relationships with C-Suite executives, investment banks, and M&A professionals.

 Mr. Bueno brings nearly a decade of business development experience working with companies around the globe and across multiple industries including retail, government, and international trade. Prior to joining Skyview Capital, he worked with foreign and domestic stakeholders, facilitating cross-border financing transactions. Since joining the Skyview team, Mr. Bueno has increased the firm’s international business development efforts, fostering relationships with Global Fortune 500 companies and investment intermediaries across 5 continents. In addition, Mr. Bueno plays an active role in hiring and managing a team of Associates and Senior Associates within the firm.

 Mr. Bueno holds a B.A. from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Alex Soltani

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Darryl Smith

President, Global Portfolio Operations

Darren Loos

Global Controller

Jim Hall

Executive Vice President

Rick Bigelow

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Operations

Rod Stoddard

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Operations

Matt Thompson

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Operations

Jeff White

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Shrikar Kasturi

Senior Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions

Jared Cohen

Senior Vice President, Capital Markets

Krishna Viswanadham

Vice President, Technology

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